This chocolate flavour product is a delight for all the Chocoa Lovers out there, and it goes perfectly well with your morning coffee. Euphoria Choco CBD Hash is a quality product with 40% full-spectrum CBD and natural terpenes. Extracted from 100% unadulterated Cannabis Sativa carefully grown in a controlled environment is the perfect smoking essential that you must soothe your smoking munchies.

Savoury Aroma 

The fine quality of the product can easily be judged by the pleasant aroma it releases when lit. This smell is reminiscent of cocoa farms for every Hash lover out there.

High-Quality CBD Hash

The CBD Hash is extracted from the finest quality Cannabis Sativa plant, and you can feel the rich texture by holding it on your fingertip. The Euphoria Choco CBD Hash is incredibly squishy and contains the right amount of moisture to enhance its flavour.

Premium Packaging

Euphoria Choco CBD Hash comes in 1gram packing stored in a plastic container to preserve this product’s freshness and superb quality.


  • <0.2% THC
  • 40% Full Spectrum CBD
  • Made of 100% Pure Cannabis Sativa
  • Premium Packaging
  • Savoury Aroma